Thursday, July 28, 2011

August is MY new January

Ok, so I haven’t written anything for the longest time, I think. A week or so ago, I felt a bit sad while I was going through my multiply blogs, I noticed that most of them was about venting out, rants, heartbreaks, etc. Well, I had a couple or so of blogs that were about gratitude, but I think it should’ve been more. I mean, writing is one passion of mine, and shouldn’t it be an outlet where I should be able to share good things? Well, it’s always best to realize it later than never, right? So from now on, I vow to myself that I will write more about positive stuff than negative. :)

Anyway, I was talking to one of my best girls (ever) earlier, and she asked me to check out some blog sites (for the nth time? LOL). I told her that I’ve already checked it before, blah, blah. I didn’t really want to look at it today (one of the reasons is that I’m at work, and I might get caught! :P), cuz I got stuff to do (as I mentioned, I’m at work! :P), and again, I told her that I already saw it, yadi yada. But when the emails laid low, and there was only one thing left to do on my checklist, I browsed on the blogs.  I kinda remember the first time that I checked the sites, I didn’t really give much of a damn (probably because I was going through something shitty – well, I still am, or it was because of the slow connection? – I was at work that time, too! :P), I really can’t remember why anymore. But today, while going over it (I was only able to check out 2 of the blogs that she gave me, will finish the others in the near future), I don’t know, but it just hit me. I really don’t consider myself as a super fashionista, because I’m not really experimental in mixing and matching bits & pieces, I kinda stick to the classic ones and usually go with color coordination. I guess I could classify my fashion sense to be in the “safe side”. But right now, right at this minute, I really feel so hyped by all the posts I’ve read. I friggin’ feel s0o0o0o inspired. I haven’t felt this feeling for like months now, and I really missed it like dang! When I saw their posts, I admired how confident and courageous they were with their styles, and I told myself that those were traits that I would adapt and will start epitomizing.
Of course, for starters, I need a major closet overhaul and here are a few of the bits & pieces that I was thinking of starting with:

I’m a big sucker for pumps. Ugh. I love it! Either super pointed or the peep toe ones with stiletto heels. I have always used black and white, so now, I’m planning to go for animal print & red that I have always dreamt of buying & using.

And boots/booties as well! I have never dared try to wear 'em, because, uhm.. I don’t know? I’m too lazy to search for the perfect pair or I thought that it would be too expensive? Well, while checking online, I realized that you can buy some at thrift stores! So Imma buy me one, soon! 

Jackets, blazers, and trench coats are also on my list.

I have a couple of jackets or so at home but most of them are hoodies. I didn’t really realize the need for it before, because I just used them against the cold (my nails tend to turn blue at work when it's too cold LOL).

I could go on and on and on and on with my never ending list and the things that I’d have to add to my closet would be countless. I’m just oh-so-excited about this. I’m so looking forward to August to start anew. Time to leave all the BV behind & move forward. And with that being said, I will do it by feeling & looking good inside out.
One love. :)


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