Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Love me, hate me, THE HELL I CARE. :P

I usually classify myself as 'funny'. I always crack jokes, laugh make fun of other people (well, I try to do it in a non-offensive way as much as possible, though), even make fun of myself (hell yeah, all the friggin' time!). I am transparent, outspoken & straightforward. I have a very strong personality that people who do not know me very well, often mistake me for a self-centered, spotlight-hogging, sociopathic b*tch. Well, I have 3 words to say to them (no, not f*** you all. LOL): I. AM. NOT. People who are dear to me could definitely attest to that. Underneath the layers of my shell, lies a crybaby. The type of girl who not only cries over the tragedy flicks, but more on the happily ever after ones. I guess, being misjudged is one of the prices you have to pay if you always seem to be the 'I am super strong slash I just couldn't give a dang' chick. People will always think that you can get through whatever or there ain't no mess deep enough for you.. But, no matter how tough you exude your exterior, there will always be a point in your life when you're just gonna tire out..

That you would just want to give up being Superwoman.. Even just for a second &..

be weak..

You would want to turn the tables & for that instant, just that one time, be the damsel in distress & take a day off from saving the day. & just hope Prince Charming arrives, sweeps you off your feet & make everything alright. And then..

BOOM! It will hit you. The realization that it was just a d r e a m. That again, you would have to get on with your life; get the 'I am oh-so-tough' mask from your closet & convince everybody that you are what they expect you to be: T O U G H. Cuz there's no one to depend on but yourself..

How I wish I could say that I'm just like every other average girl..
But then again..

not really..

P.S. Please pardon my language, y'all. One love. ♥


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