Friday, September 2, 2011

Bembang: Silver Edition. LOL

Bembang (verb) = get caught doing something wrong. "Nabembang ako ni Mudakchina kanina.."

Yesterday's shift was s0o0o0o0o crazy. I did something wrong (work related) and our boss got copied on the email. It was kind of a big deal, and believe it or not, I got kinda nervous.

Well anyway, before that stressful part of my day (or night, for most of you out there), I was feeling really good that I went out of my way and kind of dressed up a little bit for work (we are still on dress down mode, meaning we're not required to wear corporate clothes yet :P until September 6th).

What I wore last night were hand-me-downs, actually, but I would like to call them as 'gifts' instead (c'mon, Universe, gimme more!! :D)

(Silver jacket was 'robbed' from my mum. LOL Beaded necklace was a gift from her, as well. Heels given by one of my officemates, Erika -thanks so much, Dearie! I just love how it's so comfy! Also thanks to sister Don for the pics :P)


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