Friday, September 16, 2011

Ho hum..

My train of thought hasn't been that impressive for the longest time. I recently followed The Capricious Club, and again, I am s0o0o0o0o inspired, and at the same time, dying with envy. Envious because of the fact that my writing skills suck. Bigtime. Ugh. (There really are times that I feel that I have a knack in writing, and feel that I'm doing good, then I read others' posts, and then get jealous of their talent. Poor me. Arte lang. LOL)

I started reading from the oldest ones (well, I followed her a week or so ago and didn't get to browse those :P), and I have stumbled upon some of her posts about having dilemma/s on wearing what you want vs. what other people would think. And it just made me realize that that was one of the major reasons why I was ever so scared to experiment with my clothes (the weather is just on 2nd place :P).

For me, your clothes, or your style more importantly, just like the other things that matter to you, should have a story to tell. No matter how cliche-ish this may sound, what you wear/how you wear it reflects your personality, or maybe a part of it.

I always thought that I wouldn't/shouldn't care less to/of what most people think of me, but it just hit me, that there was still this part of me that was a scaredy cat from other people's opinions. And, that part of me, has just been thrown out the door, this very moment. :)

♥ ♥ ♥ Pardon any errrors. I am way too sleepy to proofread this. :P

"Remember that always dressing in understated good taste is as good as playing dead.."

**Boyfriend Shirt: Baclaran **Yellow Shirt: Divisoria **Skinny Jeans: St. Francis **Pumps: Landmark

ZzzzZZzzZzzZz. LOL


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