Thursday, September 15, 2011


Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a spy? Or an assassin? Kicking serious a**, firing & dismantling guns, you know, all those undercover stuff. I've always did, that's why when I saw the trailer of Nikita, I was oh-so-thrilled.

The story revolves around Division, a secret, government-funded organization that has eventually performed operations out of their own gain, rather that what they claim: to serve their country. They recruit young people with troubled backgrounds, whom they train to be their agents. And their expertise: hand to hand combat, fire arms, infiltration, extraction, assassination. Nikita, a Division agent gone rogue, has devised a plan to take the black ops unit down, especially Percy, the man behind all the evil.

After 3 years of hiding, she has finally resurfaced. She trained Alex, a young woman she saved from the dark world of drug addiction & sex labor, to be her mole, and together, they will tear Division apart, piece by piece, mission by mission.

The series stars Maggie Q, as Nikita. The best agent in Division, and who was the first to get out of the organization. Ready to fight, but is hot, beautiful, and in style all the time; the attributes of a perfect spy..

I've read some reviews about Maggie being not fit for the role, but I beg to disagree. The girl really does good with the fight scenes (I've read that 98% of her stunts were all done by herself!), she actually has been trained by Jackie Chan at the young age of 17. She also is an epitome of gorgeousness (is there even such a word? LOL), and is oozing with sex appeal, some kinda like an Asian version of Angelina Jolie (well, for me she is). She definitely gave justice to the role, from having starred in action movies like Naked Weapon, Live Free or Die Hard, and Mission Impossible III, I bet playing Nikita hasn't been that much of a challenge for her anymore.

Another lead character is Shane West, playing the role of Michael, who was Nikita's trainer inside Division, someone she truly trusts. Upon Nikita's escape, he eventually leads the taskforce to take her down, but of course, he had trained her very well that he himself had a hard time catching her, or maybe he just let her get away everytime? Following a series of events, they wind up in each other's arms, and hand in hand, they will share the same goal: destroy Percy's black boxes and bring Division to hell. At first, I really didn't think that he & Maggie would click because they didn't seem to have chemistry. Probably because they didn't have much scenes together during the earlier part of Season 1, and it seemed like Michael was wanted to hit on Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca), Nikita's protege.
Season 2 recently started, and too bad I'm not able to watch it yet because of work. Wish that DVDs would soon come out so I can do my Nikita marathon every weekend. :)



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