Thursday, September 8, 2011

Make up session cum Photo session :)

Since dress down was declared for the entire month of August, me & my colleagues were thrilled to dress up to work. We had a long weekend due to September 5th being Labor Day (in the US, that is.), I sent a group message that everyone should come in to work va va voom that Tuesday. Well, our batchmate-cum-stylist-cum-make up artist wasn't in the mood that day that he didn't bring his make up tool kit and camera. So we had to postpone it to Wednesday. Well, that Wednesday, I woke up a bit late so I had to hurry I just threw my basic outfit on. Ugh.

Anyway, our batch's make up professionale, Jake, told me that he's going to have a photoshoot with his friend, Anne, who is an amateur photographer. He invited me to come, and of course, being the vainest cam -whore that I am, I said yes, in less than a heartbeat.

We went through the make up session at the office, of course right after FINISHING OUR TASKS FOR THE ENTIRE DAY (defensive? LOL), then we headed to QC after the shift for a photoshoot.

Here are the pics taken at the office:

Chikahan while make up is being done. :P

Coat - Jake's, Bag - Tommy Hilfiger, White Top - Greenhills, Necklace - Kultura Filipino

Natatawa na ko. LOL

Emote pa! LOL
White Pumps - Landmark

After shift coffee

3rd make up change! Would you believe?? :P

Then we were off to QC for the photoshoot. :)

xoxo ♥♥♥


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