Tuesday, December 6, 2011

JC.. :)

Sleep deprivation is the worst enemy of a (frustrated) writer. I am meaning to write about JC. A 12-year-old boy whom I consider to be my most recent inspiration.

In one serendipitous event, we’ve met a parking boy, named JC. I really can’t consider him to be a beggar, because he really didn’t ask for alms. Eating dinner as usual at KFC, we noticed him eyeing the half full glasses of water on our table. He then approached us and asked if he could have some. We immediately gave it to him, and even offered him the leftover food. He shyly declined, and gulped the water down. We then carried on with our unending rants & raves about the people in our lives, our daily episodes of dismay. For about a split second, we gasped for air. And as if a commercial break in queue, he uttered “thank you”. Sharing a soft spot for street kids who know how to be grateful when given something, we were touched. Especially when we only gave him a (half full) glass of water. READ THIS: TAP WATER!! After a brief conversation with JC, we decided to treat him to dinner at the end of the week (which is apparently, today). We told him to be there at the same spot, at around the same time. After a minute or 2 of debating whether or not we were kidding him, he then agreed, and all of the plans for our “date” were finalized.

On a warm, drizzly, Friday night, we then saw JC again at KFC. He said that he arrived early, and was hiding from his friends (again, we were touched by his gesture. He was hiding because his friends might join us and we’ll be obliged to buy them dinner, as well). He sat across the table, and while waiting for our food, I decided to examine him. I do not mean to be judgmental, but after the snatching incident, I’m now more paranoid than a pot smoker. I threw some questions at him, and he answered with such echt. I felt a twinge of guilt. Here I was, talking to a boy who is barely at his teens, hoping to enlighten him about life, but it turned out to be the other way around. Words coming out the mouth of a tweener were about good manners while eating, passion for animals, and not just pets, per se, about growing up to be a noble servant of the country.. And a whole lot more.. My jaw almost dropped in awe. Figuratively & literally.

I am very much overwhelmed with inspiration that I am able to fight off the urge to sleep. I know that if I let this moment pass, if I let all these thoughts running through my mind just slip to oblivion, I would never EVER forgive myself, for JC is worth writing for. He is worth wasting time to create something out of whatever talent I had. My heart is overflowing with emotion that I want to cry. Really. Somehow, I was ashamed of myself. I’ve been blabbering about making a difference in my own little ways, however, I’ve allowed the rust eating up our society get into my nerves, and I have discarded all my principles. I’ve been constantly talking about the need to be strong & to be positive, however, I’ve allowed people to make me feel unworthy, & for them, I have discarded my principles. But this kid, who grew up in the slums, talked about poverty as a stepping stone to being wealthy. Him, having awoken in the ugly bedside of the world, talked about wanting to be a policeman in order to serve the country.  This 12-year-old boy, having grown up in a financially-challenged family.. Didn’t even seem to mind.

I heave a sigh and contemplate yet again.

As he finished the last couple of spoonfuls of his pasta, he said that his tummy ached. I figured that maybe he hadn’t eaten for hours. I told him that we could have it wrapped so he could just take it home, he said no, food shouldn’t be wasted. Then he continued to chug whatever remained on his plate down.
We didn’t want to end the night without playing the role of big brother & big sister to him, of course. We gave him some pieces of advice before bidding farewell: Study hard, dream big, say no to drugs, blah, blah, blah.. The things that he most probably is already aware of.
We chased him with our gazes as he disappeared in the throng of people and public utility vehicles. For a moment, we were speechless. We then smiled. Mere words can’t describe how or what I felt during dinner. But it really is amazing to have crossed paths with a lost little angel here on Earth.. :)

"Diba lahat naman dumadaan muna sa pagiging mahirap bago yumaman?"

"Diba dapat lahat ng hayop, inaalagaan?"

"Gusto ko maging pulis. Para po makatulong sa bayan.."



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