Friday, March 16, 2012


In between sneezing & sniffing, I take a look at what happened recently. Yes, here I go again with my never-ending moments of retrospect. I dunno, I just tend to work waaaay better when I think of the times on how I screwed things up. LOL 

I'm starting to realize how very much dependent I am of other people. Regardless of how otherwise I may seem. And it probably is one of the things that I should get rid of the soonest. 

I've been out from work for 2 days now, and I'm still feverish. I've been out for 2 days now, yet I wasn't able to accomplish anything. Sucks, huh? 

Oh well.. Everything should fall into their proper places, accordingly. In the right time, that is. And I know that mine isn't gonna keep me waiting for long. :) And now everything is incoherent. And I should stop typing gibberish. LOL


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