Sunday, June 3, 2012

In an alternate Universe.

I  consider my blog as my alter ego. It allows me to be at my bravest, or at my utmost cowardice. It allows me to put into words a whole lot of things that seem to be utterly impalpable. Here, I can be a superhero, or a damsel in distress.. 

Button Down Top - Bossini, Thrifted
High Waisted Shorts - DIY
Booties - Borrowed
Handbag - Bought from an officemate

Bloggers United Strikes 3

This has gotta be the cutest signage, ever! :)
Onga naman.. Buti nang siksikan, kesa sa nilangaw. LOL
Victor Basa
Sarah Tirona & Gena
Gena & Patricia Prieto
Camille Co & Gena
Her Hyperness, Aisa Ipac

Been blogging since God knows when. It has been a refuge of my frustrations, rants, raves, and everything else in between. But this style blogging fad is really where I found love. It's where two of my fave things in the whole, wide world collide: fashion & writing. And for almost a year of stalking my favorites, this event has finally given audio to what once seemed like just a muted video clip to me: the Bloggers United Bazaar. This actually is the 3rd, but it's better late than never, yeah? So even though I'm so sore from walking sleep deprived in high heels in a jampacked, crowd, I am so looking forward to the next event. :)