Monday, July 30, 2012

Lunch with a bunch of Total Strangers

Even though life can turn out as a bitch sometimes, I just love how it brings about wonderful tweaks unpredictably. Always catching you off-guard. It just dawned on me that we will never stop to unravel beautiful things, people, and experiences in this lifetime.

I am beyond lucky to have spent one beautiful afternoon, in a beautiful place, speaking about beautiful things, with beautiful new people in my life. It just strengthened my faith in the Universe, to the Superior Being up there, that it will never fail to conspire to have me encounter the best happenings this bitch of a life has to offer.

Jim P, thanks so much for holding these kinds of gatherings. It feels hella good to break away from your usual circle and go out of your way and meet new people total strangers. I've learned a lot, really, in that short, rainy afternoon. Even though the heavens did not permit a lot of outside photo opportunities, I ain't complaining. The beautiful pottery inside were enough. :)

So I went home, with a full tummy, a happy heart, and a renewed mind. And I will carry the wisdom that I've gained from 8 other individuals that the Universe has sent my way.



Never Give Up


Was on a hiatus (yet again) because of so many things. To be honest, I was on the verge of giving up this blog, because I felt that no one believed in what I do, and what I can do.. No one even wanted to help me. But then, the Universe found it's way to send across a message, that I should not stop. That I should continue. For one, this is something that I love (Lord knows how much I love writing), and that there (really) are people who believe. And I thank the heavens for them.

So yeah, Imma continue this. Imma continue doing what I love (even if it means DIY-ing my outfit shots everyday. :P) <3

Tiered Top = Thrifted
Jeans = St. Francis Square
Denim Wedges = Thrifted
Denim Moto Jacket = Thrifted

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

When rainy days don't seem to let me down..

I've noticed that my color blocking tendencies are at its peak whenever we're experiencing downpours. Well, I'm prolly living up to my "be your own sunshine" mantra. Other than that, I'm just happy that I'm able to dust off my knitted goodies and put them into action yet again. This particular dress had been buried under the depths of my closet for more than half a year, and thanks to the rain, it was brought back to Earth. :P

Colorblock dress = Thrifted
Belt = Bazaar
Boots = Thrifted

Monday, July 16, 2012

How green is your mind?

Been tired of mixing & matching colors so I decided to give monotone a go. I'm undecided whether or not to consider the intermittent weather a blessing or a nightmare. And yeah, I wanted to ditch my heels because my legs are oh-so-sore because of my stupid attempt to workout. Sheesh.

The bag is my latest thrift find, and I've been using it the entire week straight. :P Just couldn't get enough of it!

Striped Cardigan = Thrifted
Polo Shirt = Gift
Bow = Improvised
Jeans = St. Francis Square
Topsiders = Bought from an officemate
Bag = Thrifted

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

(Frustrated) Writer's Block


Yes. I'm in that state wherein my mind is pre-occupied with nothingness. Sitting idly in oblivion. Words are floating everywhere but are of utter incoherence. Sheesh.

Jumpsuit = Edsa Central Bazaar
Vest = Thrifted
Pumps = Celine

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Walang Taytol..

I've gotten by without you. I must admit that I should've realized this.. this possibility of facing everyday without you, sooner than later. It doesn't hurt as much as I imagined. I'm not sure if I just exaggerated or I've gone tired.. Too tired of making efforts for you..

But there are times that it haunts me. YOU haunt me. I blink & there are glimpses of you, of us.. When in the 1st place there never was. And those millisecond memories sting. I'm not sure if I'm exaggerating, or is becoming tired. Tired of shoving thoughts of you away..

As I light another stick up, I smile. I smile cuz I realize I'm fine. Albeit not fully. I smile cuz I know tomorrow, I'll be better & there will be no more (or less) sickening moments of nostalgia. I'm not sure if I'd exaggerate, or I might be too tired.. Too tired of these unrequited emotions..


Denim Vest = Thrifted
White Shirt = Divi
Cuff = St. Francis Square
Jeans = Gift
Boots = Thrifted
Bag = Bought from an officemate

Of Cheapskate Things..

I am getting by & I am glad. I have finally been able to see happiness in the simplest of things. Take the rain, for example. Though I am a self-proclaimed worshipper of the sun, I now get giddy when Mr. Sky tends to show off his gloomy side. It just gives me the perfect excuse to give color to my world (with all of the cheapskate-st things I've bought). **plus I can wear a bonnet to work. :P

Bonnet, shirt, sneakers, rosary, cuff = Edsa Central Bazaar
Jeans = St. Francis Square
Bag = Bench

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Melai & Bodjie's Wedding


Weddings will always be magical. I've only attended a couple (or so), but still, the experience leaves me in utter silence. The inexplicable rise of my pulse that sends me to tears automatically, and the goosebumps, and the shivers down my spine, but in a hella good way.

Melai, congratulations & best wishes. I know we haven't seen each other for so long, but I know that you're really, really happy. Even happy is an understatement. And I'm so sorry that I sucked in being your commentator that day, and that this blog post took more than a month. LOL A lot has changed since highschool, but what the heck, there's plenty of time to catch up later. I know that you're a good girl (already? LOL), and I know that Bodjie will take care of you & your lil Jacob.

XO -Kai

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Halfway there..

Halfway through the year. Yes. The Universe never fails to present a lot of opportunities & possibilities even if you hit rock bottom. And so here I go again with my never-ending moments of retrospect. A lot may not even justify the series of events that have happened in the last 6 months. I can't even put my finger as to what were the highlights, cuz everything just seemed intense. Too intense, let me reiterate.

But then again, I'm glad I made it. All in one, skinny piece. Somehow still sane or otherwise. Smiling, with lessons in tow.

Zebra print dress worn as top = thrifted
Harem Pants = thrifted
Pumps = Celine