Monday, July 30, 2012

Lunch with a bunch of Total Strangers

Even though life can turn out as a bitch sometimes, I just love how it brings about wonderful tweaks unpredictably. Always catching you off-guard. It just dawned on me that we will never stop to unravel beautiful things, people, and experiences in this lifetime.

I am beyond lucky to have spent one beautiful afternoon, in a beautiful place, speaking about beautiful things, with beautiful new people in my life. It just strengthened my faith in the Universe, to the Superior Being up there, that it will never fail to conspire to have me encounter the best happenings this bitch of a life has to offer.

Jim P, thanks so much for holding these kinds of gatherings. It feels hella good to break away from your usual circle and go out of your way and meet new people total strangers. I've learned a lot, really, in that short, rainy afternoon. Even though the heavens did not permit a lot of outside photo opportunities, I ain't complaining. The beautiful pottery inside were enough. :)

So I went home, with a full tummy, a happy heart, and a renewed mind. And I will carry the wisdom that I've gained from 8 other individuals that the Universe has sent my way.




vhei_ngot said...

Rightfully said Kai. Hope we could go back there together or at least see each other again soon. :)

SuppaSeashellistic said...

Thanks, Vhei! :) Yes. We should definitely do it again. <3

coffeebugg said...

Well said. It was pleasure meeting everyone and I would love to catch up again. =D

Sherill Villanueva said...

Well-crafted, you sure know how to write girl! Full of honesty (do you have lots of angst my friend?), yet witty and fun to read! Let's get-together soon but this time, can we do it over drinks? c, ')

SuppaSeashellistic said...

Thank you for reading this, guys! Yeah over drinks next time. :)

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