Thursday, August 30, 2012

Neon on Liberation

Photos by Kaye

I am so glad that I have surpassed the dark days of my life. I never thought that I would endure another heartbreak. With that in mind, I held onto something broken, not knowing that gripping on it still would cause me more & more pain. Admittedly, I was too scared to be alone. I was with somebody, I was happy somehow, but then again, not quite. 

I had to let go of the chickenshit in me. Or he had to let go of the chickenshit in me. Either way, it was a mutual decision. Which should've been done eons ago. It stung, though. I tell you. But then, I've never felt liberated. Maybe he does feel the same way, too.

Oh well. At least now, I can embody the colors that I wear.. And not having to conceal my emotions behind 'em..

Aztec Top = Edsa Central
Neon Drop Necklace = Van Mariano
Envelope Bag = from Vanessa East


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