Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Version Upgrade

Age is but a number. Always was, always will be. When the time comes that we are old & gray, being "old" per se shouldn't be our main concern. No, not at all. I guess that when we reach THAT point, looking back should make us smile. The stupid things, the crazy friends, the love we had & lost.. Everything. And more importantly, by that time, we will realize who among the people who rode the rollercoaster with us have stayed for another ride-all-you-can round.

Cheers to big 3-0s, to gender defying love, to overflowing booze, to nerve wracking videoke nights (and days), and to friendship. Happy birthday (again), Bry! (and thanks again for holding my concert on your special day. LOL)


MarieStella said...

great pictures! ok, i'm hungry now!

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