Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fashion Show - slash - Fun Sesh

Say hello to one of mi loves, Gena. You may have seen her from this post (and on this one, too!). Let me give you a lil bit of our history.


Nothing. We just knew of each other back in 2007, but other than each other's nicknames, that was it. Thank heavens for the wonders of social networking, that's how we've managed to "keep in touch".

Eventually, the Universe conspired for us to finally meet. Physically. We've had so much to talk about, since we never really talked, like, as in talk.

After that "first meet up", I was so overwhelmed by how pleasant our session was, I dunno, I just felt happy talking to her. It was just so light.

We had a couple or so sessions more, and for all of those times: IT ALWAYS RAINED. Maybe the skies were mocking our "be your own sunshine" mantra, trying to bring us down, but no. Hell no. Downpour would be the least of our worries.

So here's to acquaintances turned friends good friends. The kind that lifts your spirits up, but keeps you grounded at the same time. Cheers. :)


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