Saturday, September 1, 2012

Post Hiatus

Photo by Jear

There are so many things running through my head that I had to stop what(ever) I was doing cuz the urge to write (type?) things down was becoming too hard to resist. Little did you know, I have the attention span of a goldfish. Tying your shoelaces would seem a worldly task rather than distracting me.

Anyway, it won't be far too long til the year gets to an end. The 1st of the 1st Ber month has just kicked in, & soon enough, 2012 will just be a memory. For some, it may seem ambiguous, while for others, their recounts of the year to pass may be crystal clear. 

For the past months, I've been dying with envy when reading other people's entries. I wonder how they seem to write effortlessly, and just let the words flow.. magically (?). I dunno, it must be the happiness they're emanating. I'm trying (my best, really) to veer away from my usual genre: drama queen-ish, (the always) brokenhearted girl types. Some may relate, while most people may roll their eyes, or perhaps even fight the urge to gag. 

The onset of the year has not been that kind to me. It clearly ain't at its bitchiest, but still, it didn't show me a hell lotta mercy. Halfway through, I was on a hiatus in (blogging) writing which was an apparent sign that I wasn't doing well. August, though, proved to be (by far) the best part of the year for me. It was actually a month of many firsts, which reminds me, my first (ever!) entry (on THIS blog!) was entitled: August is my new January. That's when I decided to start over last year, but then again, not much progress have occurred. 

Change really is something that YOU impose. For yourself, to yourself. Not by others, not by society. Just between you & (and all of your other personalities) yourself. Maybe that's something that I have learned now. When I took the time to reflect, I realized that I didn't get blessed in a short span of time, but rather, I have been blessed ALL this time, but was just too blinded by all of the shitty ordeals. 

Oh well, there will be so many more craziness to encounter, and stuff to deal with, but for now, I will just seize these moments when things are just breezier, easier.. happier. :)

Lace top - Gift
High Waisted Shorts - Thrifted, DIY
Booties - Thrifted
Bag - Bought from an officemate


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