Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Why hello, Blogosphere!

Been a long time since I've sat down & had a one-on-one sesh with my pen & paper. And I miss it BIGTIME. You might wonder why the hell don't I just write & get it over with.. Might seem easy, but it ain't. Well at least for me, & for some people that I know.

 So before I blab non-stop (as always) about restropection, recuperation & all those other thingamajigs, here are some snippets of what & how life had been for the past months: BUSY. BREEZY. FUN. :)


And I'm happy to announce that I'm officially (OK I'LL TRY!!) back to writing my sh*t down. (Not sure if it's a good thing, though. :P)



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