Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The flowers bloom in summer, whilst my heart remains tamed..

As the heat takes its toll here on earth, I make another attempt to reunite with my pen & paper. I carefully scan my mental closet of things that are writing-worthy. I do for a few minutes, or so, but to no avail. I'm searching for sadness, which (usually) gives me the drive to write, but I found none.

Then, I smile..

This so-so state (as I claim it to be) has been the finest I've had in years, so to speak. I'm finally getting the hang of reserving emotions, & being overly protective of myself (or whatever's left of me).

So despite the things temptations summer has to offer: summer flings, rekindling of sparks.. I'd have to turn them down for now. I'm having the time of my life swimming at the sea of peace & calm with none other than, me.. :)


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