Friday, May 24, 2013

In High Spirits

Photos by Kaye
There was this inexplicable feeling that just surged in me when I got out of bed today. There was a smile plastered on my face, I just got up feeling all good & excited to start my day. The very opposite of the days of raping the snooze button & episodes of me, dragging me to the bathroom. Funny thing is, it came out of nowhere. It was a random seed thrown to me from oblivion, & the feeling just sprouted into happiness. It's a whimsical, powerful force inside, followed with a faint whisper that said: "it's time to start anew".
The only difference there is from starting anew then & now was, at this time, I didn't have to hit rock bottom to realize that change is mandatory. I just felt like it. And I conclude that it's a good sign. This has got to be my queue. I got my mojo back. :)


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